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LEASE? the next Xbox tomorrow?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Oh haven’t you heard already? All the rumors are swirling still, about the possibility of the next Xbox being a console that will require you to be “Always Online”. So whats the big deal you say? Let me run a few things by you.

  1. Having an always online connection will prevent seamless purchases of used games that has been statically shown to be worth nearly a billion dollars worldwide.. used game sales are huge, not to mention pass on savings to users. Well forget used games, cause it ain’t gonna happen.
  2. You know that NES you still have in your closet from 1985? Ya so do I, because I still play mine every week. Isn’t that something? you purchase a product, and if you take care of it, you can still play it 25 plus years later.. ¬†With always online incorporated, there will be a day that comes when Microsoft will no longer support your product, just like recently Windows Xp, is no longer supported, imagine if you just couldn’t use it anymore? Oh Xp isn’t supported anymore, so now it just doesn’t log you in.
  3. All those folks that don’t have the greatest of connections, or perhaps you live outside the range of a high speed connection.. it simply is not possible for you? Tough.. I guess your peaceful life out in the country, will just have to get with the times and move already.

Then there is this prick. Adam Orth “Former” Microsoft Creative Director who made this little gem of a tweet the other week. (sue me I’m not topical).


Wow, how considerate of you Adam. See you later you jackass. He got fired. I’ll give you a moment to shed a tear.

Microsoft-Next-Gen-Always-Online-ResponseSo skip ahead, 8 years from now, there you are just paid off your rumored $600 purchase price for the next Xbox. You turn on your Current generation Xbox, and alas, it doesn’t sign you in. You get a connection error. You immediately check your internet connection, and you can still get online? why not your Xbox. Well of course the internet will be in a frenzy because it will have been released that Microsoft will no longer be supporting it’s current Xbox, and will be focusing all it’s resources into the next Xbox console. What about your games you say? What about all the money you spent on those games that you still want to play? Tough titty son. We will have been warned.

So ultimately if the rumors are true, and all signs are pointing to truthfulness of the next xbox being an Always Online required console. This will mean you are LEASING your next Xbox. You will be signing a contract to lease your Xbox. You will not own any products you purchase for them, because their use will change when Microsoft pulls the plug.

I’m not a fanboy by any means, Fanboyism is just ludicrous. But my first purchase will be a PS4 for the next generation. Microsoft, don’t mess with gamers, it won’t go over well for you. It never does.


A New Duck Tales game?

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Duck Tales Cover Art NES

I’ll admit, when I first heard there would be a new Duck Tales game I was taken aback a bit. I mean was this true? Do they even show Duck Tales on TV anymore? would kids even know what it was? These were the questions I asked before I asked the most important one. Do we need another Duck Tales game?

Well some of you might be surprised to learn I’ve come to a neutral bias on this subject. Yes it would have been easy to be fully on board, or fully against it. But we all loved the NES games Duck Tales 1 (superior) Duck tales 2.¬† On the one hand, part of me feels if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it, redo it, remix it whatever else you can think of. 8 Bit gems should stay 8 Bit gems. Am I crazy to think that there is no way a HD remix or redo/retelling would actually look better. That the pix-elated 8 bit version we are all accustomed to would ALWAYS be the superior version no matter what?

But then again on the other hand, I’m reminded why we all do this. Why are we at GameMana spending hours filming and editing videos that get only a few dozen views? Why do we go through the trouble to tell people about a video game from the past that we happen to be very fond of, example Captain Quazar for the 3DO.. an amazing coop experience. The reason is because we love these old retro games, and in many cases the gameplay experience given to us so many years ago now, is still unmatched. So I say if they want to redo a great game from the past, to show the kids of today that it can be done, and remind them that games came before Call of Duty and Battlefield… then I believe they have my blessing.

Let us know?

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